FaqFrequently asked questions about kimono rental


How many kimonos are there?

About 550 in Kiyomizu head store, 450 in Karasuma shop, 800 in Kiyomizu. Almost all kimonos are silk and antique, one and only.

We make them refresh  everyday so kimono choise is just like "once in the lifetime meeting"

How long does it take to ready for?

It is depends on the customers,  on average, 20min for choose kimono, 20min for wearing kimono,15min for hair. However in tourist seaseon, it would need more . In case you come late, you will need more extra time to wait for another customes. We give priority to the customers who come on time.

Do you have big size kimono?

Almost antique kimono is a litte bit small size. This is because japanese women in old

times were smaller than the women nowadays. We are sorry to tell you that if your B,W,H each size is over 100cm, you will not be able to wear antique kimono. However we have XL size kimono too which is not silk but polyester. we help you to look for one you can wear and in case you can not wear any of them, you will be able to  cancel your reservation on that day.( in this case we can refund your deposit)

Hair set / Make up

Is there hair styling service available?

Yes. And the hairstyle is including accessories that you can choose.(1020yen)

I have hair extensions...Is it possible to do hair set?

It is depends on the situation. Please make a reservation for hair  and ask to a stylist on that day. Sometimes we would not be able to make your favorite style due to be easy to lose shape. Please understand us.

What to bring

Can we rent empty-handed?

We will prepare the bottoming shirts, kimono's bags, shoes and even brand new socks for you so we make sure you don't have to prepare anything.
However, there are only a limited number of thermal clothes that can be rented at our shop for the Warmth plan for winter (including Kimono, Haori, Scarf, Gloves) so it's better to prepare the low-cut neckline thermal clothes for yourself.

Can I have my luggage stored there?

Yes we will keep your luggage free of charge during the business hours. But it's better to keep your valuables with you.

Is it possible to take everything to go out?

Yes, you can, but you need 5000 yen as a deposit.

About lost property...

In case you left something in our shop, Please contact us as soon as possible.We will keep your lost property for a month, however if it would be more than one month, we would dispose them. (In case you left food,drink or underwear etc, we would dispose them more early.)

Is it possible to return to another shop?

No. Please return to the same shop as you rent.


About cancellation charge

In case you cancel your reservation, please cancel it from the link which is attached in a confirmation mail. It is possible for you to do this 24hours before your reservation date. In case you will not cancel your reservation, you will need cancellatin charge 2000 yen per person. (1000yen for doing hair)

Can we change the reserved plans on the date?

Of course. However, if you need additional hair styling, we have to decide on the day's appointments.

Is it possible to reserve my favorite kimono in advance?

We are sorry to tell you that you can not. Please choose one after you come to a store.


Can pregnant mothers wear kimono?

Sorry, for the baby's safety, we cannot provide services for pregnant mothers to wear kimono. If you don't tell us that you are pregnant in advance and wearing kimono, we won't be responsible for any problems.

Is there any space for the attendant to wait for a friends or to change clothes?

we are sorry to tell you that attendant can not change your clothes  in the shop.