Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • Article 1 Introduction

    1. These Terms of Use are the terms of use for the kimono rental and related services provided by Tekuteku Kyoto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) at each of our stores (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). is what determines
    2. Those who use this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") agree to all of the terms and conditions as well as all information on our website (hereinafter collectively referred to as "terms, etc."). shall be
    3. In the event of any trouble with this service, it shall be discussed based on this agreement, etc. Matters not stipulated in this agreement, etc. will be subject to guidance at the location where this service is provided, laws and regulations, or general customs.
    4. This service is a service for the purpose of enjoying it as an individual's hobby, and it is not permitted to use the kimono provided by the company at a salon or a specific meeting, etc., or use the kimono provided by the company for commercial purposes without the prior permission of the company. I can not do it. In addition, if the user wishes to use such a method, it shall be necessary to contact us in advance at least two weeks before the reservation date, and we will discuss the usage fee etc. individually according to the content of the use.
    5. This service is intended for those who can choose their own kimono and obi. Therefore, if a guardian chooses a kimono or obi instead of you, or if you enter the store accompanied by a guardian, we may refuse to use it.
    6. Accompanying people (friends, photographers, etc.) who do not rent kimonos are not allowed to enter the shop.
    7. This service is not available to pregnant women. In the unlikely event that you do not inform us in advance that you are pregnant, we will not be responsible for any troubles that may occur.
  • Article 2 Reservation registration procedure

    1. When using this service, in principle, the user shall enter the necessary information on our website and apply for use of this service.
    2. After receiving the application in the preceding paragraph, the Company will approve the application by displaying the reservation confirmation on the Company's website and send a reservation confirmation e-mail to the user. This contract will come into effect when we send the reservation confirmation email.
    3. If the Company makes an application for use of the Service by telephone, e-mail, or at a store, the Company will separately provide instructions on how to apply on the Company's website, and the User shall follow the instructions.
  • Article 3 Reception hours and provision hours of this service

    1. The service hours are the hours stated on the website of each store.
    2. This service cannot be provided to people other than the reserved time. People other than the reservation time cannot enter the store, nor can you wait in the store or in front of the store. If you have made reservations for two or more groups, please be sure to arrive at each reservation time.
    3. This service cannot be provided or baggage can be checked or received outside the service hours. However, the baggage of the next-day return service user will be kept until the kimono is returned.
    4. In order to ensure the safety of users, etc., this service will be provided when heavy rain (landslides, flood damage), floods, storms, snowstorms, or heavy snow warnings are issued two hours before the start of business within the municipality of the store. will be closed and will not offer this service. In this case, even if there is some kind of disadvantage for the user, the Company will not be held responsible for it as a result of force majeure.
  • Article 4 Contents of this service and usage fees

    1. The content of this service, usage fees and payment methods are as described on our website.
    2. The Company may revise the content of the Service, usage fees and payment methods without prior notice, and since there are differences in campaigns depending on affiliated stores and branches, users are advised to check the latest version of the Company's website. , shall apply for this service.
  • Article 5 Overdue charges for this service

    1. If you do not return to the store on time, you will be charged a late fee of 3,000 yen per person.
    2. If the User does not contact the store in advance and obtain the employee's consent and does not return by the time, the store will be closed at the end of the service. It will be returned the next day, and the same amount as the dressing fee paid on the day will be charged as a late fee.
    3. The late fees in each of the preceding items will be settled in cash at the relevant store.
  • Article 6 Items that cannot be kept

    1. We assume that the luggage that we keep and manage is only clothes, and we cannot keep the following items in particular because we cannot store them responsibly.
      1. Valuables (house/car keys, luxury clothing/bags, jewelry, watches, cash, passports, etc.)
      2. Electronic devices (computers, cameras, game consoles, tablets, etc.)
      3. Explosive, flammable, or other dangerous objects
      4. Living things, frozen items, refrigerated items, fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, and other items that leak water or easily deteriorate
      5. Items that are offensive to public order and morals (including items prohibited by law, such as illegal drugs)
      6. Fragile and easily deformable items
      7. Things that cannot be laid down
      8. Other items that the Company deems difficult to keep
    2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the user wishes to deposit the items listed in each item of the preceding paragraph with the Company, the user shall be fully responsible for the loss (including theft), damage, water leakage, etc. of these items. You agree in advance that you will not be held responsible for
  • Article 7. Handling of lost items

    In the event that a user forgets an item in our store, the Company shall handle it as follows, and the user shall acknowledge this in advance.

    1. Passports, driver's licenses, credit cards, cash, and valuables such as accessories will be delivered to the nearest police station of the store. Only when the user contacts us before we deliver it to the police station, we will return it by visiting the store, but we will not return it by mail.
    2. Lost items other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph will be deemed abandoned and disposed of unless the user contacts the user within one week after the Company discovers the lost item. In addition, if there is contact from the user within the above period, it will be returned by postage cash on delivery. The shipping date will be determined by our company.
  • Article 8 Prohibited Matters for Users

    1. When using this service, the Company prohibits the user from performing the following acts.
      1. Acts that violate laws and regulations
      2. Acts that may harm public order or good morals
      3. Acts of using this service in a manner other than the method specified by our company
      4. Other acts that violate these Terms
    2. If the User engages in any of the prohibited acts set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Company may suspend the provision of all or part of the Service at any time without prior notice to the User.
    3. The Company may demand that the user who engages in the prohibited acts in paragraph 1 stop the prohibited acts, and if the prohibited acts cause damage to the Company, the Company may claim damages. I can do it.
  • Article 9 Suspension/Abolition of Service

    1. In any of the following cases, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without notifying the customer.
      1. When inspection, maintenance, construction, etc. of the system, equipment, etc. necessary for the provision of this service is necessary
      2. When it becomes difficult to provide the Service due to fire, accident, power outage, natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, disturbance, labor dispute or other emergency.
      3. When it becomes difficult to provide this Service due to laws and regulations, administrative dispositions, etc.
      4. In addition, when the Company determines that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the provision of the Service.
    2. If the Company determines that it is difficult to continue to provide the Service, if the Company determines that the termination of the Service is necessary for the operation of the Company, or if any other unavoidable event occurs, the Company will stop providing the Service. may be abolished.
    3. In the event that the Company suspends or abolishes the provision of the Service, the Company shall, out of the usage fees paid by the User, compensate the User for services that could not be provided due to the suspension or abolition of the Service. It will be refunded.
  • Article 10 Cancellation of contract

    1. If the user wishes to cancel the reservation, the user shall contact the store by phone (or by e-mail if the phone cannot be reached) by 6:00 pm of the day before the reservation. Please note that if the above contact is not made, you will be subject to the cancellation fee even if you cancel on the day.
    2. If you are late for the reservation time, it may be treated as a cancellation on the day.
    3. If you feel sick during dressing, or if you discover that you are pregnant during dressing, it will be treated as a cancellation on the day.
    4. Cancellation on the day will be charged 2,000 yen per person as a cancellation fee. In addition, if you cancel only the hair set on the day, we will charge 1,000 yen per person.
    5. If the User falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel this Agreement without requiring notice to the User. In this case, the Company shall be able to claim a penalty equivalent to the cancellation fee set forth in the preceding paragraph from the user.
      1. If the user violates any of the prohibited items stipulated in these Terms, etc.
      2. If there is a risk that the User's actions related to the Service may violate laws or public order and morals;
      3. If the user or his/her companion is found to be an anti-social force as stipulated in Article 12
      4. When the user does not pay the usage fee for this service by the prescribed date
  • Article 11 Disclaimer

    1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User in relation to the provision of the Service, except in cases of intentional or negligence on the part of the Company.
    2. In particular, in the following cases, our company will not be held responsible because our negligence is usually not recognized.
      1. The material paint of the luggage compartment adheres to the contents of the luggage and stains.
        (Use a plastic bag to protect items that are likely to stain, at your own responsibility.)
      2. Electronic devices, etc. inside clothing may fall and be damaged when our employees help with dressing or undressing.
        (Users are responsible for the storage of electronic devices, etc. while they are wearing/undressing.
      3. Delays in the provision of the Service, delays in scheduled sightseeing, meals, performances, etc. due to congestion or other reasons.
        (We cannot guarantee the completion time, so please make a reservation with plenty of time.)
      4. Rough skin, rashes (urticaria, etc.), infectious diseases, etc.
        (Clothes rented by the Company are rented to an unspecified number of users, and the Company manages them in a reasonable and appropriate manner. Since the causal relationship with the contraction of infectious diseases, etc. is unknown, we cannot take responsibility.)
      5. Falls outside the store
        (We do not take any responsibility for falls outside the store because they are caused by various factors other than our company, such as road conditions and the way users walk. )
      6. When a user falls, burns, or otherwise injures himself/herself in the store by not following the store notices or the instructions/guidance of employees.
        (In this case, it is due to the user's negligence, and our company cannot be held responsible. Especially during hair setting, there is a risk of burns from the curling iron because the treatment is performed using high-temperature equipment. Please be careful not to move as much as possible and follow the instructions of the staff.)
      7. When baggage is lost or changed due to a natural disaster or other force majeure
      8. If the user suffers damage due to other reasons not attributable to our company
        (For example, we are not responsible for burns caused by heating, deterioration of hair extensions caused by hair setting, or fading of coloring caused by curling irons due to the above reasons.)
    3. Regarding damage caused to the user due to our negligence, we shall be liable only for direct and normal damage (not including lost profits), and the amount of compensation shall be up to 10,000 yen.
  • Article 12 Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

    1. The user is currently prohibited by the Company from being a gangster, a member of a gangster, a person who has not been a member of a gangster for less than 5 years, an associate member of a gangster, a company related to a gangster, a corporate racketeer, a rogue who claims to be a social movement, or a special intelligence violence. Representing that you do not fall under any of the following groups, etc., or other similar persons (hereinafter collectively referred to as "organized crime group members, etc."), and that you do not fall under any of the following items, and that you will not fall under any of the following items in the future. shall be affirmed.
      1. Having a relationship in which an organized crime group member, etc. is recognized to control management
      2. Having a relationship in which an organized crime group member, etc. is deemed to be substantially involved in management
      3. Having a relationship that is recognized as unfairly using an organized crime group member, etc.
      4. Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to organized crime group members, etc.
      5. An officer or a person who is substantially involved in management has a socially condemnable relationship with an organized crime group member, etc.
    2. The User promises to the Company that he/she will not engage in any of the following acts, either by himself/herself or by using a third party.
      1. Violent demands
      2. Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility
      3. Acts of using threatening words and actions or using violence in relation to transactions
      4. Acts of disseminating rumors, using fraudulent means or using force to damage the credibility of the Company or interfere with the business of the Company
      5. Other acts that conform to the preceding items
    3. If the user falls under any of the items in Paragraph 1 or any of the items in Paragraph 1, or performs any act that falls under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, the Company will, without any notice or demand, You may terminate the provision of services to such users or terminate the contract with such users under these Terms.
    4. Cancellation based on the preceding paragraph does not prevent the Company from claiming damages against the User.
  • Article 13 Handling of personal information

    We will properly handle personal information acquired in connection with this service in accordance with our privacy policy.

  • Article 14 Changes to Terms of Use/Services, etc.

    1. The Company may change these Terms without prior notice if it becomes necessary to change these Terms due to revisions to laws, changes in social conditions, or other circumstances.
    2. In the event of any change to these Terms, the Company will set an effective date and notify the following matters by posting on the Company's website or other means by the effective date.
      1. Change these Terms
      2. Contents of this agreement after change
      3. effective date
  • Article 15 Prohibition of transfer

    The User shall not transfer the status under this Agreement, assign the rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party, or provide them as collateral for a third party without the Company's written consent. will do.

  • Article 16 Applicable law and jurisdiction

    The governing law of this agreement shall be Japanese law, and any dispute arising from this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kyoto District Court.

Supplementary Provisions (January 24, 2022)
These Terms of Use will apply from January 24, 2022.