• The Tekuteku Kyoto concept

    Kimono in the ancient capital of Kyoto
    A walk walking

    Tekuteku Kyoto is a Kimono rental shop.
    Dedicated to the charm and craft work of the traditional Japanese garments, we hope for more and more people to experience a long and enjoyable stroll through Kyoto while dressed in our beautiful Kimono.
    In our Kimono collection, which consists of more than 250 different styled garments, we are especially proud of our retro and antique Kimono that fit perfectly in the setting of the old capitals streets.

  • Customer's voice

    Kimono from „the good old times“

    When asking our customers for their best experiences with our Kimono, they often tell us that many local people of Kyoto praised their appearance and other people on the streets asked for a picture of or with them: “They told us we do not look like tourists at all!“ - “They took so many pictures, we felt like some superstar.“
    The reason for that might be found in our Kimono being mostly charming antique and expensive silk Kimono, which you would hardly expect to be found in any rental shop. On top of that, our professional staff always puts a lot of effort in finding the perfect Obi (sash) for the Kimono you choose and they tie it for you in the most traditional “o-taiko“ form.
    We would be glad to help you experience wearing a real Japanese Kimono, too!

    Customer's voice
  • Commitment to kimono

    Kimono loving Tekuteku Kyoto staff

    All members of our Tekuteku Kyoto Team are professional Kimono dressers, who are dedicated to the beauty of Kimono from the bottom of their hearts.
    We enjoy the work with wonderful antique and vintage silk Kimono and we are looking forward to helping you experience the charm of the traditional Japanese garment in Kyoto.


    Commitment to kimono