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We are sorry, but we do not have kimonos for children.

・We do not provide makeup services.

・We do not have an stationed interpreter , but we will use a translation machine.

・If you are late for your reservation time, it will be treated as a cancellation.

・Depending on the reservation status, it will take about 20 minutes from the reservation time to choose the kimono.

・Only cash is accepted. Please pay before you go. Customers who have not completed payment cannot go out.

・Customers without reservations and interpreters are not allowed to enter.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Rental Plan


Hair set + JPY 1,100 (Tax included)

  • Hair Set02
  • Hair Set03

No need to book in advance for hair styling!
Please let us know when you come to the store on the day.
Our haircuts are done by experienced stylists.
You can choose hair accessories for free. short hair or We also suggest hairstyles that suit semi-long hair.


Important notice

  • ※Please inform us when you make reservation for Haikara Plan or Furisode Plan. You can make reservation for other plans on the day.
  • ※Pleas be advised that Warm plan, Yukata plan and summer Kimono plan will be unavailable due to season and the weather.

Will it be charged for cancellation?

Rental SetRental prices includes ...

  • Kimono Yukata
    Kimono Yukata
  • Obi
  • Bag
  • Zori sandalsand socks
    Zori sandalsand socks
  • Under wear

the reason why the customers come again

  • Lots of Beautiful Kimonos

    Lots of Beautiful

    Choose free from our more than 300 retro and antique styled si20230317lk Kimono, featuring lots of playful, charming and colorful garments and traditional patterns.

  • Traditional "Taiko" knot

    "Taiko" knot

    Tiding a simple bowknot is pretty enough, but silky texture antique kimono with "Taiko" knot is the most beautiful and classical collocation.
    Nowadays, most of kimono rental shop they cannot tie a "Taiko" knot, would you like to try it?

  • Charming Hairstyle that makes you more beautiful

    Charming Hairstyle
    that makes
    you more beautiful

    Experienced, skilled stylist will help create the most suitable and satisfying hairstyle for you.
    Lovely plaited hair or mature gorgeous hair are both optimum selections for kimono.

  • Easily accessible!

    Easily accessible!

    Just 1 min by walk to Shijo Karasuma shop from Shijo Karasuma Sta.
    about 5 mins by walk to Kiyomizudera from Kiyomizu Shop and Kiyomizu Honten shop.

  • Just bring yourself!

    Just bring yourself!

    Rental prices includes Rental Set which are Kimono or Yukata, Obi, Underwear,Zori sandals,Bag.

TekuTeku Kyoto


The Tekuteku Kyoto concept
Tekuteku Kyoto is a Kimono rental shop.
Dedicated to the charm and craft work of the traditional Japanese garments, we hope for more and more people to experience a long and enjoyable stroll through Kyoto while dressed in our beautiful Kimono.