How to

How to

How to

  • STEPMaking a Reservation

    Please send email

    Tell us

    • Your Name
    • The day and time you want to rent a Kimono
    • How many male, how many female persons
    • Your body size
    • Which of our shops you want to visit Shijo Karasuma or Hanare or Kiyomizu
    • If you need a hairset

    Please inform us when you make reservation for Haikara Plan or Furisode Plan. You can make reservation for other plans on the day.
    Pleas be advised that Warm plan, Yukata plan and summer Kimono plan will be unavailable due to season and the weather.

  • STEPArriving at the shop

    Please arrive at the shop according to the time mentioned in your reservation.

    In case you arrive late, you run the risk of having to wait for a longer time, since there might be other customers with a reservation.

    We are hoping for your understanding.

    Arriving at the shop
  • STEPChoose your Kimono

    After deciding on an option,
    choose your Kimono from our collection.

    Our staff will be glad to help you!


    Choose your Kimono
  • STEPGet dressed

    Our experienced staff will dress you in the Kimono of your choice and help you decide on an obi(sash).

    Get dressed
  • STEPHairset

    If you do have a reservation for a hairset, our staff will arrange your hair according to you wishes.
    Hairaccessoiries are included in the price.
    After returning the Kimono and the hairaccessoiries in the evening, you can go home with the hairset as it is, since you do not have to return the hairpins or gums.
    In case you do not have a reservation for hairset, but would like to have your hair done on the day you arrive, please ask our shop staff.
    In some cases a hairset without reservation might not be possible because of a tight schedule.


  • STEPEnjoy Kyoto in Kimono

    Now you can enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto while wearing Kimono and take beautiful pictures at the most famous spots!

    Enjoy Kyoto in Kimono
  • STEPReturn

    Please return to the shop before 6:30PM.