• Customers who are pregnant

    Kimono rentals for pregnant women are not accepted. We look forward to welcoming you back after giving birth.

    In the unlikely event that you do not inform us in advance that you are pregnant, we will not be responsible for any troubles that may occur.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • About changes and cancellations

    If you make a reservation online, you can cancel the reservation from the "Reservation cancellation page" in the reservation completion email up to 24 hours before the reservation time. If you want to cancel after that, please contact us by 18:00 the day before your reservation by e-mail from the inquiry form on the Japanese website. We do not accept changes over the phone.

    *Please note that a cancellation fee of 2,000 yen per person will be charged for cancellations after 18:00 the day before.

    *For the sake of other customers, please contact us as soon as possible when canceling.


  • About reservation time

    if you are late

    Please be sure to contact us if you will be late for your reservation time.


    If you are late for your reservation time, we will give priority to customers who came on time. Please note that late arrivals of 15 minutes or more may be treated as cancellations. Please come to our store on time.

    *We do not have a waiting room, so please refrain from arriving more than 10 minutes before your appointment.

  • About makeup and hair

    We do not have mirrors or power outlets for hair irons for self-use. Please be sure to come to the store after you finish your own makeup or hair set if you would like to do by yourself. We also ask that you refrain from doing hair styling for your companions in the store. Please use the hair set for 1,000 yen.

    Recommendation! Hair set with cute hair ornament 1,000 yen

  • Payment method

    • Please note that all stores accept cash only. Credit cards are not accepted.
    • Cancellations made after 6:00 pm the day before the reservation will be charged a cancellation fee of 2,000 yen (tax included) per person.
  • Confirmation of reservation store

    Please check the reservation store before coming to the store.
    There is a sister store nearby, so some people get it wrong.
    Please check again.

  • About belongings

    Between June and September

    About belongings

    Between November and March

    About belongings
  • About your companion

    No waiting room

    Since there is no waiting room, customers who do not rent kimonos cannot wait in the store. I'm sorry to trouble you, but please come pick them up when it's finished.

    For customers with infants

    Infants and toddlers are not allowed to enter Tekuteku Kyoto. This is because there is also a high-heat iron used for kimonos and hair sets in the store, and it is not possible to ensure the safety of children. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.