Rental PlanPlans


Hair set + JPY 1,100 (Tax included)

  • Hair Set02
  • Hair Set03

No need to book in advance for hair styling!
Please let us know when you come to the store on the day.
Our haircuts are done by experienced stylists.
You can choose hair accessories for free. short hair or We also suggest hairstyles that suit semi-long hair.


Change plan
+ 2,000 yen~ (2,200 yen~ including tax)

We have created a plan where you can enjoy two kimonos in one day.
In addition to the price of the first item, you can enjoy the second item at a great price.
“I can’t pick just one kimono I want to wear!”
“I want to wear various things!” Recommended for such customers.


Second kimono fee

Tekuteku plan
Race kimono plan
Yukata plan(summer only)


From Tekuteku plan to lace kimono plan
5,000 yen + 2,500 yen
From Tekuteku plan to Tekuteku plan
5,000 yen + 3,000 yen
From Tekuteku plan (summer kimono plan) to yukata plan (summer only)
5,000 yen + 2,000 yen
  • ・May not be available on some days. Please contact us in advance if you would like to use it.
  • ・Please make a reservation between 9:00 and 11:00, taking into account the time required for changing two clothes.

Pregnant customers

    Kimono rentals for pregnant women are not accepted. We look forward to welcoming you after your baby is born.
    In the unlikely event that you do not inform us in advance that you are pregnant, we will not be responsible for any troubles that may occur.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Points to note

  • The basic is a square back with a taiko knot. (other than yukata)
    We mainly have antique kimonos that match taiko belts.
  • For safety reasons, we do not accept customers who are pregnant. We look forward to welcoming you back after the birth of your baby.
  • There is no need to decide on a plan in advance. Please decide on the day.
  • Luggage can be stored free of charge.
  • After dressing, if you take all your luggage and your own clothes back to the hotel etc., we will temporarily keep 5,000 yen (tax included).
    This is a security deposit if you cannot contact us because the rented kimono is not returned. Please be assured that the deposit will be returned when you return the kimono.
  • Please refrain from entering the store for children under elementary school age.

Kimono rental flow

Tekuteku Plan(Drum)

all year

JPY 5,500 (Tax included)

If you want retro and antique kimono, leave it to Tekuteku!
Most of the kimonos handled by Tekuteku are made of silk, and many of them have an elegant luster.
The obi is finished with a formal taiko obi according to the type of kimono era.
We have about 450 pieces (Shijo Karasuma store) and about 800 pieces (Shimizu store), from beautiful Kyoto atmosphere to cute kimonos.
Recommended for those who want to make a difference from others.
Please enjoy the subtle colors and designs that cannot be produced in modern times.

* During the summer, the name will be Summer Kimono Plan.

Tekuteku plan(half-width band)

all year

JPY 5,500 (Tax included)

Irodori plan's adult plan is born!
Make the Irodori plan a little more mature...

This plan is recommended for those who want to enjoy a little casual fashion instead of wearing a taiko belt!

Let's stand out from the crowd with a vintage kimono and half-width obi!

Race kimono plan

limited time
Handling store "Shijo Karasuma store" "Kiyomizu store"

JPY 6,050 (Tax included)

Some of the lace kimonos sold at our affiliated store, Maison de Coco Kyoto, will also be available at Tekuteku Kyoto.

There is no doubt that you will get excited just by looking at the kimonos that are rich in individuality, from domestic natural materials to chemical lace.

Some even use lace in wedding dresses! !

We have a wide range of colors from the popular white lace to the dark mode.

*Yukata provided from July to early September
*Accessories such as pearl belts and lace innerwear are not included.

Men's Plan

all year

JPY 6,600 (Tax included)

The men's plan mainly consists of simple silk kimonos.
The woven pattern and elegant luster make it look like a traditional kimono.

The colorful square belt is accented to keep it neat and cool.

During the fall/winter season, we provide haori coats free of charge.
In spring and summer, go out in a cool and light style without a haori.

Men's plan may use polyester kimono depending on size.

Couple plan

JPY 11,770(Tax included)

Please enjoy time in a different atmosphere than usual.
It is more profitable than usual so that you can make a lot of memories together.
*Hair set is not included.

*Men's kimono (yukata) x women's kimono (yukata) combination plan.
*There is no couple plan information for the Hanare Plan and Furisode Plan.

Tekuteku Plan (Kimono) x Men's Plan (Kimono)

10,700 yen for two (11,770 yen)

In the case of lace kimono plan (kimono) x men's plan (kimono)

10,200 yen for two (11,220 yen)

*Summer only Example of Yukata

Tekuteku Plan (Kimono) x Men's Yukata Plan

9,700 yen for two (10,670 yen)

Yukata Plan x Men's Yukata Plan

8,700 yen (9,570 yen) for two people

+ Haori, shawl

Mid-November to March

JPY 550(Tax included)

Tekuteku recommends kimono coordination that can only be enjoyed during the winter.
Wearing a retro haori to match your kimono will make you look even more stylish!
Even in cold Kyoto in winter, you can go out warmly by wearing a haori and a shawl.
There are many antique haori, and the design is very nice.
Please enjoy your own coordination.

We rent haori, shawls, and arm warmers.

You can also bring your own shawl. You can also use ordinary items.

550 yen (tax included)
550 yen (tax included)

Summer kimono plan

Summer only Mid-June to around September

JPY 5,500 (Tax included)

Especially recommended for those who like a beautiful atmosphere!!
The summer kimono becomes a taiko drum belt, and the elegant back is one of the popular items.
A thin and delicate kimono that is so transparent that you can share the coolness with those who see it.
Recommended for those who want to be a little more formal than a yukata!

Yukata Plan

Summer only Mid-June to around September

JPY 4,400 (Tax included)

In Kyoto in the summer, yukata that can be worn casually are very popular! !
Would you like to stroll around Kyoto in the summer wearing an antique yukata?
The retro yukata features large patterns and novel designs!
The simple style has a distinctive color and is very fashionable even if you wear it now.
Unlike a kimono, the obi of the yukata is a half-width obi (ribon knot), so it has a reputation for being very cute from behind.
We have a lot of modern patterns in stock from this season. The beautiful colors that look great on Instagram are popular because they make your face look beautiful!

Men's Yukata Plan

Summer only Mid-June to around September

JPY 5,500 (Tax included)

The style of bare feet and geta is perfect for the city of Kyoto!
You can wear it comfortably and cooler than a kimono because you don't have to wear it on your skin.
We also have comfortable cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and yukatas made from new materials that are comfortable to wear.
A smooth yukata is especially recommended for summer outings.

In addition to the yukata, the plan also includes an obi, underwear, footwear, and a purse.

Furisode Plan

In all seasons

Only Kiyomizu ShopJPY 14,300 (Tax included)

Hanare Plan

In all seasons

JPY 9,900 (Tax included)

【Hanare Plan】
The Hanare Plan is a plan that carefully selects high-class kimonos.
High-class kimonos are decorated with delicate embroidery and gold and silver patterns,
and are both elegant and gorgeous.
Many of the kimono colors are light and soft, and can be worn by people of all ages.
We have a variety of kimonos, from delicate kimonos to gorgeous kimonos,
so please take your time and choose according to your taste.

Hair set

all year

JPY 1,100 (Tax included)

No need to book in advance for hair styling!
Please let us know when you come to the store on the day.
Our haircuts are done by experienced stylists.
There is no fixed hairstyle, and we will match it while asking the customer's wishes.(If you want a style that takes more than 15 minutes, we may tell you an alternative plan from here) *We do not accept Japanese hair and new Japanese hair.
You can choose hair accessories for free.
We also propose hairstyles that suit short hair and semi-long hair.

For customers who wish to make a reservation

  1. We will set your hair according to your wishes, but if you want a style that takes more than 20 minutes, the staff may suggest another style.

About hair ornaments

If you don't want a hair set and want to rent only the hair ornament, you can rent it from 550 yen (tax included). Please feel free to tell us. You are also welcome to bring your own hair ornaments. However, there is a risk of damage or loss, so please attach it yourself. note that.

Rental SetRental prices includes ...

  • Kimono Yukata
    Kimono Yukata
  • Obi
  • Bag
  • Zori sandalsand socks
    Zori sandalsand socks
  • Under wear