Is there really nothing I have to bring with me?

From Kimono underwear to a bag to a scarf, we will provide you with everything you need for wearing Kimono.
Depending on the season we recommend to bring adequate warm or light underwear (i.e. a legging and a tank top for especially cold winter months).

Is it possible to change the reserved Kimono option at the time of arrival?

It is possible to change your reservation on spot after arriving at the shop.
According to other reservations and required time, in some cases we can not fulfill your wish for a hairset, if you did not reserve for it in advance. Please ask our staff by the time of your arrival.

How long does it take to get dressed in Kimono?

The time one needs to choose a Kimono out of our collection differs from person to person.
In general we ask you to count in 20 minutes for choosing, 20 minutes for getting properly dressed and another 20 minutes for a hairset.
One hour is the minimum time required for getting ready to go out in Kimono.
In high seasons it might happen that the shop is crowded during to a tight reservation schedule.
If it comes to delays dues to unpredictable circumstances, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding.
We ask all our customers for their cooperation in protecting the schedule and to arrive on time stated in the reservation.
(Customers with a reservation are treated favored. If you fail to arrive on time, the next customers will be threatened favored, which might result in a longer waiting time for you.)

Can I get a hairset?

If there is a professional staff member (hairdresser) available, you can get you hair done for an additional fee of 1020Yen.

Can I leave my normal clothes and luggage with you when going out in Kimon?

We can not take any responsibility for your luggage and belongings. But we offer you the option to leave your items such as clothes, bag and shoes with us. We will keep it in a closeable bag with your name written on until you return to the shop. We do not charge you for this service.

Can I get an appointment for wearing Kimono?

We are a rental Kimono shop devoted to the beauty of Kimono. You can make a reservation, come to our shop, choose the perfect Kimono for you, get dressed and walk in the streets of Kyoto wearing Kimono until our closing hours.
We would be happy to receive your reservation!

How many different Kimono do you have?

Counting all Kimono available for rental, there are more than 250 garments in our shop.
Most of them are made of silk.
Since we frequently add new Kimono to our collection and replace damaged ones, there is always something new to find in our shop!