Rental Plan

  • ※keeping the Kimono over night and returning it on the following day will be charged with additional 1000Yen
  • ※Please inform us when you make reservation for Haikara Plan or Furisode Plan. You can make reservation for other plans on the day.
  • ※Pleas be advised that Warm plan, Yukata plan and summer Kimono plan will be unavailable due to season and the weather.

Tekuteku Plan

Only in the summer


Choose a set consisting of Yukata, Obi and a bag which are previously coordinated by our professional staff.
We especially recommend this option for those who do not have much time to spare on choosing a coordination on their own.

Yukata Plan

Only in the summer


Mens Plan

In all seasons


According to the body size, we might not be able to provide a fitting antique Kimono for men.
In those cases we prepare modern and bigger sized polyester Kimono to achieve a perfect Kimono appearance.

Tekuteku Plan

In all seasons


Choose free from our more than 250 retro and antique styled silk Kimono, featuring lots of playful, charming and colorful garments and traditional patterns.
We also prepare a collection of chic and mature styled “oshima“ Kimono, which are perfect for a more elegant and composed appearance.
Based on our long experience in Kimono sales we gathered the best of retro and antique Yukata and summer Kimono for you to choose from.

Haikara Plan

Except for the summer


Coordinate your favorite Tekuteku Plan Kimono with a colorful Haikama (Kimono pants) to make your appearance chic and fashionable.
You can wear your own boots or shoes with this coordination, which makes walking the streets of Kyoto more easy.

Furisode Plan

In all seasons


warm Plan

the middle of November-March


You can rent a Haori(Japanese Coat) shawl,arm warmer.


In all seasons


We kindly ask you to make a reservation for a hairset in advance.
Please tell us if you need a hairset in your reservation email.

イロドリキョウト 2,980円~でアンティーク着物レンタル

Rental Set

Rental prices includes
Rental Set

  • Kimono Yukata
    Kimono Yukata
  • Obi
  • Bag
  • Zori sandals and socks
    Zori sandals
    and socks
  • Under